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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mana Davao (with my relatives)

Every year Mana Davao prepares something extravagant for the Davaoenos. According to them, it's their way of saying "thank you" for the blessings they receive. Every year, like around December,they decorate the exterior part of their shop with lights and other stuff for Christmas. Locals of Davao always look forward to this because they have different designs every year.

The other day, Tita Ne told me that we're going to check out Mana Davao's new attraction. She scheduled it on a Sunday, December 20, 2009, 6:30PM.

Earlier, if my cousins didn't remind me about it, I could've forgotten about it. We all had a blast. Mana had more gimmicks now. Apart from the very extravagant design, they also provided mascots (I think there are five or six of them) and this bubble machine that kids and kids at heart enjoyed.

Here are some of the photos that we took (using Ate Sandy's cam). Hope to add more photos from Ate An's cam. This is one of those days that we just wanted to hangout, take pictures, anjoy the night, spend time with our loved ones and goof around.


(On one of the photos: My Sister and Me with the Genius behind the extravagant design of Mana Davao's attraction.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Wishlist

I was thinking of this last night after my phone's screen was broken. The touch screen feature is not functioning anymore. (huhuhu!) So, just in case you are interested at giving me gift(s), here are some ideas of what I want:

* Canon EOS D500
* Blackberry Curve or myPhone Q22 Duo
* 2 GB RAM DDR2 667GHz
* Trip to Dapitan
* Paulo Coelho Books (except The Alchemist, The Zahir, Valkyries, The Pilgrimage, Like The Flowing River, and Veronica Decides to Die because I already own copies of these)
* Bob Ong's Stainless Longganisa (to complete my Bob Ong Books Collection)
* Pugad Baboy 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 17, 20 (yung wala dito, meron na ako)
* Kiko Machine Komiks 1, 2, 4 (yung wala dito, niregalo na sa akin ng Ate ko. haha!)
* Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
* Original DVDs of Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, Order of Phoenix and Half Blood Prince
* Shakey's Pizza Manager's Choice
* Yellow Cab's Ney York's Finest
* Picobello's Calzone
* Sbarro's Pepperoni Pizza
* Space Burger's Ultimate Cheeseburger
* Isang sakay sa Ferris Wheel (hahah! kababawan pero masaya yun)
* Makapaglaro sa perya (matagal ko nang hindi nagagawa ito)
* Isang polo shirt or shirt galing sa Surplus

Huwag nyo ako bibigyan ng shoes or anything for the feet. Naniniwala ako sa pamahiin eh. (hahahah! seryoso 'to ha, naniniwala talaga ako.)

My First Internet-Published Blog.

I had this notion that a blog has to be written in English and it has to follow the proper writing format but when I got through several blogs (and Bob Ong's Books), it made me realize that a blog is a form of freestyle writing. So now, Blogging for me is something like a journal, an output of whatever the writer is feeling, has seen, has experienced, or just saying anything under the sun.

Before, I had this fear of writing because I might not be able to do it right. I also had this fear of publishing a blog over the internet for the same reason that I have with the fear of writing. But now, I found the courage to test new waters. Actually, writing isn't that new to me. I was a Contributor to our School Paper when I was in First Year High School, a Columnist during my Sophomore Year, a Managing Editor when I was in Third Year, and an Associate Editor during my Senior Year in High School. I wrote stories and poems for my batchmates' entertainment (and I could fill an entire filler refill or notebook back then).

In College, I tried my luck to be part of the University's Official Publication. And wallah! I didn't make it. (hahaha!) Unfortunately, there were more writers better than me and are much more talented and deserving to be part of the University's prestigious Publication. I never tried writing for the school anymore. I only did love letters and poems solicited by friends (and they'll give it to the person they're courting) and stuff like that. I was unrecognized. I continued writing stories and poems for my friends. But I still don't feel I'm good at writing. I don't have the confidence. There are a lot more people better than me.

When blogging became a trend, I was kind of tempted to go with the flow but was drawn back by my fear. What if people won't like my works? It took me years to decide to go public, since the trend of blogging began up until now. The challenge of of writing knocks again, not for money, not for my friends' entertainment, but for myself. I don't know if I could still write boldly as I did before, without fear of being criticized, but I am ready to take on the challenge. I am stepping forward to the world of blogging. I don't know if anybody would even be interested with my posts but I just want to do what I love to do, sharing my thoughts, sharing my interests, sharing my experiences, sharing my passion. As Paulo Coelho said, "If you want to know something, plunge right in!", and this is what I'm doing. This is my first internet-published blog and there'll be more to come. Expect my works to be written in English, Tagalog, Bisaya or a mixture of two or more Languages.



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