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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Paneng: How I see DLSU Lasy Spikers' Team Captain, Stephanie Mercado

Perhaps the brand of being a La Sallista  gives most people the notion of being socialites and not easy to get along with. People who are not used to eating street foods or are picky with restos to dine at and people to go out with. Not Stephanie Mercado. Team Captain of the De La Salle Lady Spikers with a very exceptional volleyball record, Steph proved all those notions wrong. First of all, she's people friendly. Almost always every after game, Steph stops whenever someone asks to have a photo with her. She always makes time to be in touch with the people who supports her and never speaks ill of the people who misjudge her. Not that I'm saying she's perfect, but she sees to it that she doesn't step on anybody. That's definitely not her. Steph is a very outspoken person, she's not afraid to speak her mind out as she always talks with sense. Though very honest and straight forward, one won't feel uncomfortable and awkward as she converses with you like you've known each other for a long time. She's very much easy to get along with and you'll never have a dull moment when you're with her. She's very smart and, like I mentioned earlier, she always talks with sense. She's not serious all the time as this Lady Archer has humor in her veins, too. You'll be surprised when you hear her witty jokes and out-of-this-world terms.

Second, with regards to food, Stephanie seems to enjoy the thought and act of food and eating. Japanese cuisine is her favorite according to a source but she's not picky though. She eats whatever is served as long as it's edible and it's intended for human consumption. She even considers Pinoys' Top Street Food, Isaw (grilled chicken intestines), as one of her favorites. Despite the love for food and eating, she's one of the lucky ladies who don't get fat.

Just like anybody else, she loves to spend time with people she values. She also goes out to the malls and occasionally chill elsewhere with her teammates and/or supporters. Despite spending time with her family, her friends, teammates, supporters, occasional invitation to pose for shoots, and do other stuff she loves, she still manages to maintain a good status on her academics. Her being a Dean's Lister is so much an inspiration to others, proof enough that Academics and Athletics can go together, that not all athletes are egghead. It's no wonder why she has thousands of supporters in the Philippines and some parts of the world. It's just a sad thought that it'll be her last playing season with the De La Salle Lady Spikers this coming UAAP Season 73. But fans, like me, still look forward to seeing her play in other leagues. Though not with her current DLSU Teammates but at least she'll still play after college. With her display of love for volleyball, Stephanie Mercado is definitely one of the biggest names in Philippine Collegiate Volleyball.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shirts FYUT and Volleyball Shirts

FYUT was derived from the abbreviation of For You Up There. Shirts FYUT was actually offered to God. Since Volleyball is a growing sport in the Philippines, Shirts FYUT thought of creating volleyball shirts that are signed by the athletes. It all started in a conversation wherein two volleyball fans would love to create something for the top Collegiate Women's Volleyball players. Then, as days went by, the idea was carried out to reality. The very first release was January 21, 2010 making the FEUnatics (FEU Women's Volleyball fans club) as their very first client. The FEUnatics ordered custom designed shirt for their club and the FEU Women's Volleyball UAAP Season 72 roster. After which, Shirts FYUT continued creating more volleyball designs.

Currently, Shirts FYUT's partner/endorsers are two of Collegiate Volleyball's top players Shaira Gonzalez and Stephanie Mercado. As most volleyball aficionados know, though these two players are playing for two different schools, they maintained their friendship that even school rivalry can't break. Soon enough, Shirts FYUT will tap more athletes to sign their shirts.

As of Press time, Shirts FYUT offers custom designed shirt (your design or ours at no extra charge - for bulk orders) and the other designs are still available for orders.

You may check out the online store on Multiply at: Shirts FYUT on Multiply
or this link for the Facebook page: Shirts FYUT on Facebook

[Shirts FYUT by Jacq and Chan]

Monday, April 19, 2010

SharkyBids - a new breed of bidding!

Want a gadget but can't afford it? Want to have cash (dollars) in exchange of few centavos (pesos)? Been dying to win on an online auction but someone outbids you and you just lost the chance of owning your most coveted gadget or accessories because you can't outbid that bidder anymore? Or perhaps you just want to "waste" some of your PhP 0.07 for a DSLR? Well, here's something I discovered through Facebook's ad: SharkyBids! Here you'll find crazy auctions like DSLRs worth less than a 3-in-1 coffee (coffee = 5 pesos ; DSLR = 1.73 pesos) or computer sets worth less than a sachet of shampoo (shampoo = 4 pesos ; computer set = 0.83 pesos), or even an XBOX Elite worth 0.02 pesos! Crazy isn't it? But this crazy bidding attracts a lot of users right now. It even caught my attention and tried my luck on a bid. The auction is pretty interesting, mind you.

For those who are interested (I'm sure you are interested now and you want to learn more), click this link to Learn More About SharkyBids. After learning about SharkyBids, I'm sure you'll get addicted with this insanely wonderful new way of bidding, just like me.

Just a few reminders though:
1. Register one account/email address on one IP (one SharkyBid account = one IP address only) or you might lose your chance on a bidding.
2. Only bidders aged 18 and above are eligible to join. This is to ensure that the user is responsible enough to bid and outbid other users.
3. It's a bidding so naturally, if you win, you'll spend to pay for your bid. (But what's 35.77 pesos compared to 59,950 pesos, right?)
4. Be sure to bid on items that you can pay.
5. Have fun bidding and always be on the look out for new items. (Patience is virtue, my friend.)
6. Go and visit SharkyBids now and try to outbid others! Have fun!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Se Eleksyon, sila ng hindi ko iboboto

Malapit na naman ang Eleksyon at malapit na namang mag-umpisa ang pangangampanya (pero sa ilan, matagal na silang nag-umpisang mangampanya kahit hindi pa sakop ng Campaign Period na itinalaga ng Commission on Elections o COMELEC). Maraming pangako na naman ang bibitiwan. Maraming proyektong uumpisahan para may makukurakot na pangkampanya pero hindi naman tatapusin ang kung anumang proyektong yun. Sa panahon ngayon, mas lumala ang vote buying. Mas kumakapal ang mukha ng mandaraya pero tatakbo pa rin sila, ang kapal talaga. Ngayong malapit na naman ang opisyal na Campaign Period, magkakaroon na naman ng pagkataon ang taong bayan na saksikan ang pagpapakatanga ng ilang kandidato. Kaya, sa darating na eleksyon, sila ang hindi ko iboboto:

- yung (mga) kandidatong sumasayaw o kumakanta sa kanilang pangangampanya o Miting de Avance [dahil hindi naman isang variety show ang kanilang gagawin pag manalo. Hindi po ito reality show na magiging artista ang kandidato pagkatapos ng pangangampanya. Bakit? Sasayawan ba nila kapag may debate sa Session?]

- yung mga kandidatong hanep gumastos para sa Campaign. [bakit? eh kasi may notion akong babawiin din nila yung ginastos nila kapag nasa pwesto na sila.]

- yung mga kandidatong bumibili ng boto sa pamamagitan ng pamimigay ng pera, ni-repack na mga pagkain, bigas at kung anu-ano pa. [Ganun din ang rason, babawiin nila yung ginastos kapag nasa pwesto na sila.]

- yung mga kandidatong ang dami ng sinabing pangako pero hindi man lang nabanggit ni minsan kung ano yung kaya nilang gawin.

- yung mga kandidatong naging parte ng isang pagsisinungaling para lang matakpan ang isang kapartidong nadawit sa isang iskandalo.

- yung mga kandidatong parati kong nakikita sa TV ngayong panahon ng pangangampanya. [hahahah! eh kasi naman, halata na yung intensyon eh!]

- yung mga kandidatong hindi na makatotohanan yung sinasabi sa kampanya.

- mga kandidatong nagpapakita ng pictures o videos na kasama ang mga kapos sa buhay. [bakit? eh bakit ngayon lang ipinakita?]

- yung pakiramdam ko ay sobrang talino at sobrang galing! [dahil pakiramdam ko ay uutakan niya lang ang mga tao para sa pansariling interes]

Marami pa akong naiisip pero ito na muna ang ilalagay ko. Daragdagan ko na lang kapag nahanap ko na yung papel na pinagsulatan ko ng draft ng supposed to be original article para dito.

[Note: ang lahat ng nakasulat ay base lamang sa damdamin ng isang botante. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit. Sa halip, magbago na lang at wag maging TRAPO.]

Monday, January 11, 2010

at Yongi's (a resto by the sea) and Coffee for Peace

We were supposed to check out the new resto just by Ateneo Matina Campus. The resto's name is Stadium. Since it's the last day of their P99 promo for their buffet, we headed at dinner time to make sure we'll have our tummies filled with their must-try foods. When we got there (around 7:15 or 7:30PM), the place was closed for an exclusive function. GREAT. So we decided to cruise around Matina and Ecoland area. We ended up at Yongi's (the famous Penong's partner resto), a resto by the beach, located at Times, Matina, Davao City. The restaurant was not crowded, customers enjoy the ambiance. They lack lights by the beach though. It might add to the relaxation factor if we could see the beach. We ordered Inato 3 which is 2 grilled pork chop, atchara (pickled green papaya) and unlimited rice. Yes, unlimited rice for people who has a big tummy to fill. The usual, we were served with soup for our appetizer. They usually have the food served in 20 minutes as they have to grill their viands unlike some resto that has their food half-cooked and reheat them when orders are already made. Our food orders were served in 15 minutes. 5 minutes earlier than usual. The Grilled Pork Chop was perfect. Their service crew are well-mannered. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy good food while bonding and/or relaxing with your family, friends, classmates or officemates, give Yongi's a try. It's located at Times Beach, (the one at the back of SM City Davao) Ecoland, Matina, Davao City.

Review: YONGI'S
Food - great
Service - great
Value for Money - great
Place - good
Overall experience - great

After dinner, my cousin still doesn't want to head home. So we cruised Ecoland and Matina area again. After some funny discussions, we went back the area where Stadium's located. We stopped at Coffee for Peace, a coffee shop that supports the indigents and the farmers. Their place isn't spacious but it's just right for people who want to have a timeout from stress.

Coffee for Peace isn't just about serving excellent coffee, they are also advocates of Peace (thus the company name), Loving the Environment and helping the Indigenous People in Mindanao.

In their store, we saw different products, aside from coffee and drinks. There were shirts, bamboo flute, stone carved necklaces, scrolls, shell lamps, and more. I assumed those products were also made by the Indigenous People that they aid to earn a living. Makes me even happier while drinking.

Also, unlike others, they use all natural ingredients. I had a Strawberry Shake since we just had out dinner. I kind of expected something like the usual Strawberry Shake: full of crushed ice, strawberry flavoring, and milk. Another surprise for me. They actually use real strawberries, and less ice. Real value for money. Overall, I enjoyed my Coffee for Peace experience and it definitely won't be the last.

For people who wants to have a quiet or peaceful time, reasonably priced drinks, homey ambiance, Coffee for Peace might be the place you're looking for. They're conveniently located at McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City. Just by Ateneo de Davao University Pre-School, Elementary and High School Campus; fronting McDonald's Matina. You may also checkout their site for more info about their company:

Review: Coffee for Peace
Drinks - great
Service - great
Value for Money - great
Place - great
Overall experience - great

(in this photo: the author with the two very friendly staff of Coffee for Peace)

[Ratings: Poor, Passed, Good, Great, Excellent]
[Special thanks to my cousins Eileen and Joyce for the treat.]

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BLOG (sana)

I was trying to write something for my blog at 2:30AM. Walang pumapasok sa utak ko… so I decided to rest. Nung nakahiga na ako’t pumikit, saka naman pumasok yung mga ideas, kung kailan antok na antok na ako. Sinabi ko sa sarili ko tatandaan ko na lang yung mga ideas na yun at isusulat pagkagising ko. Kaya heto… WALA AKONG MASULAT! hahahaha! kainis. ZZZzzzzzzzzz...........


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