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Monday, April 19, 2010

SharkyBids - a new breed of bidding!

Want a gadget but can't afford it? Want to have cash (dollars) in exchange of few centavos (pesos)? Been dying to win on an online auction but someone outbids you and you just lost the chance of owning your most coveted gadget or accessories because you can't outbid that bidder anymore? Or perhaps you just want to "waste" some of your PhP 0.07 for a DSLR? Well, here's something I discovered through Facebook's ad: SharkyBids! Here you'll find crazy auctions like DSLRs worth less than a 3-in-1 coffee (coffee = 5 pesos ; DSLR = 1.73 pesos) or computer sets worth less than a sachet of shampoo (shampoo = 4 pesos ; computer set = 0.83 pesos), or even an XBOX Elite worth 0.02 pesos! Crazy isn't it? But this crazy bidding attracts a lot of users right now. It even caught my attention and tried my luck on a bid. The auction is pretty interesting, mind you.

For those who are interested (I'm sure you are interested now and you want to learn more), click this link to Learn More About SharkyBids. After learning about SharkyBids, I'm sure you'll get addicted with this insanely wonderful new way of bidding, just like me.

Just a few reminders though:
1. Register one account/email address on one IP (one SharkyBid account = one IP address only) or you might lose your chance on a bidding.
2. Only bidders aged 18 and above are eligible to join. This is to ensure that the user is responsible enough to bid and outbid other users.
3. It's a bidding so naturally, if you win, you'll spend to pay for your bid. (But what's 35.77 pesos compared to 59,950 pesos, right?)
4. Be sure to bid on items that you can pay.
5. Have fun bidding and always be on the look out for new items. (Patience is virtue, my friend.)
6. Go and visit SharkyBids now and try to outbid others! Have fun!


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